Food and Wine Conference 2016 (#FWCON)

by jerseygirl on June 13, 2016 · 3 comments

IMG_8223About a month ago I attended The Food and Wine Conference in Orlando. I have been staring at my computer several times over the last few weeks while random happy memories of the conference go through my head. I keep flipping through the numerous pictures taken on my smart phone but my blog post screen stays blank. It is so easy for me to create a recipe but when it comes to writing about this  great weekend,  I just can’t seem to get my thoughts organized. There were just so many good things that happened.  So I decided to write this post as a recipe. There were plenty of ingredients and directions to have one great food blogger conference and here they are:

FW Con food collage

The Food and Wine Conference presented by Sunday Supper


The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Hotel

My food blogger partner in crime, Kristin from Dizzy, Busy and Hungry

Isabel and the rest of the hard working Sunday Supper team

The best brand sponsors you could ask for

The blogger attendees and a wonderful group of kind, talented, brilliant people

Knowledgeable and motivational speakers

Non- stop delicious meals, snacks and beverages

A sense of community, kindness and caring


1.I arrived at the beautiful Shingle Creek Resort for sights of perfectly groomed grounds, luxurious rooms, gorgeous pools and numerous gourmet restaurants. I checked into my room with my fellow NJ blogger and friend Kristin from Busy, Dizzy and Hungry. We registered for the conference and picked up an awesome swag bag put together by Isabel (also know as Family Foodie) and the rest of the wonderful Sunday Supper team. Isabel and her committee are the ones that put together this wonderful conference.

2. The sponsors Florida Strawberry Growers AssociationFlorida Dairy FarmersCabot CreameryIdaho PotatoesCK Mondavi WinesDuda Farm Fresh FoodsCertified Angus BeefStoneridge OrchardsOceanus SeafoodWish FarmsOut of the WeedsBeef CheckoffTapa ToroTupperwareFeedblitzFields Auto Group took care of us all weekend by sponsoring activities and keeping us fed with some really great food.

3. I was surrounded by other bloggers that made me feel comfortable and just happy to be around. The speakers were wonderful! There were too many to mention all but I really enjoyed listening to the keynote speaker Donatella Arapia’s story. She is one brilliant woman! Also Patricia Rossi’s business etiquette tips were wonderful. I loved her presence and way of thinking. I will be sure to get her book.

4. Oh, the food! Isabel along with Rosen Shingle Creek and the sponsors made sure we were in a culinary paradise all weekend. Just wonderful eats!

5. Community is the theme to Sunday supper and there was plenty served at this conference along with kindness and caring. And let me mention that Isabel’s daughter got engaged during the conference. How awesome was that?

6. Go next year! You just won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait until I see all those wonderful people again! Now why did this take me so long to write? It was easy.






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