Jersey Girl’s Favorite Kitchen Items

by jerseygirl on January 19, 2017 · 2 comments

Happy new year everyone! I really took a hiatus in 2016 but I am back and will be blogging every week……finally!! I have been cooking plenty of food but just not writing about it. You can take a peek at my Instagram page to see what I have been cooking and see what restaurants I have eaten at in the past few months.

It is time for me to eat healthy like all the other millions of people are doing. But don’t worry. I am not just posting healthy recipes. I have a husband to feed and a teenage boy that eats us out of a house and home. All 140 pounds of him. My daughter left for college this past year so she is only home occasionally for the free meals. So there will be plenty of recipes. I also plan to start a travel section on my blog in the near future. I love to eat out as much as I like to cook and when we travel our trips seem to revolve around food so I am going to share all my foodie adventures.

Okay, so to get back in the kitchen today, I am showing my most recent favorite items. My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. We had it redone over three years ago but I still look around in awe and can’t believe it is my kitchen. So thank you Grande Décor for the most wonderful job you did.

This spice rack is still one of the things I have to show off whenever someone comes in my kitchen. I am obsessed with buying spices so I need a place that can hold a lot. Spices are the key to cooking. Bland is not a word in my kitchen!

Santa brought me some cool things for Christmas this year. I just love my new copper mugs and might be using them a little too much. They are perfect to make mules but you can drink a cold summer drink like lemonade in them also. The copper keeps the drink as cold as possible and there is a reaction with citrus that makes my drinks taste extra good. My husband bought me four from Plow and Hearth but I think I need a few more for entertaining. I just love them!

Since I am on a healthy eating kick I have been using my veggetti quite a bit. I love this little tool even though my husband insists that zucchini does not make noodles. I trick my mind to think I am eating noodles and it is low in calories and carbs. That is what matters along with the fact that I love zucchini.  The only problem with the veggetti is the snickers I get from the family when I say that word. I think it reminds them of a word Oprah would use if you get my drift (think Oprah and female body part). But I am probably pronouncing it wrong. I love using this tool to make Skinny Bolognese Zoodles.   Sometimes I mix in zucchini noodles with a little spaghetti and I get a really big plate for a small amount of calories. Score!!

My absolute favorite pot is this cast iron casserole dish from KitchenAid. I can make stews, soups and roasts in it. It is perfect for short ribs. The lid doubles as a grill pan and it is my go to for winter cooking. I don’t know what I did before I had this wonderful piece of cooking equipment.

Valentines Day is right around the corner but I use my heart shaped waffle maker all year round. This little appliance is over twenty years old but still works perfectly. It is made by Black and Decker and I wonder if they even make these anymore. I will keep making heart shaped waffles until this runs out of gas.

Last, I will show you my husband’s new favorite mug. Yes, I bought this for him and I will make sure he uses it every morning!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I’ll see you next week.



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