Make Your Own Flat Bread Pizzas

by jerseygirl on October 3, 2011 · 8 comments

 I have two kids and their tastes in food are not the same. My daughter is the high maintenance foodie type. She won’t eat boxed mac and cheese, hot dogs or plain sandwiches. Nope. Her tastes include lobster, sushi and panini sandwiches. I don’t blame her but at thirteen years old, she needs to get a job if she is going to continue to order shrimp cocktail all the time. Now my son is another story. He will eat the same grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwich everyday. He won’t try many things and if it looks funny, he won’t eat it. Pizza and chicken are his staples. Boxed macaroni and cheese is one of his favorite meals. And if I make homemade mac and cheese, I make sure to leave the panko bread crumbs off the top of his portion. With two opposite kids, dinner can sometimes be a challenge. It is even more of a challenge when I have 15 minutes to prepare it because the whole family is running off in different directions to sports practices, meetings and art lessons.

Well thanks to the supermarket salad bar gods and store bought flat bread, there is an answer to my dinner dilemma. I always keep a package of flat breads or Naan (Indian style flat bread) in my freezer. There is so many different kinds to choose from. To try and keep things healthy, I buy the whole wheat kind whenever possible.  I like to go to my grocery store salad bar and pick out different toppings. Since everyone wants something different, the beauty of this meal is that it is so easy to make everyone happy. The hubby gets some kind of meat, I get loads of veggies, my daughter gets whatever gourmet ingredient is on her mind that night and the son gets boring sauce and cheese.

To prepare for dinner, I chop up a bunch of toppings or buy them already chopped from my store’s salad bar. Then all I have to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees and pop the pizzas in for about 10 minutes. Here are some of my family’s favorite combinations:

Mozzarella cheese, sauce, and ham.

Fig jam, roasted peppers, ham, mozzarella and basil.

Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.

 BBQ chicken, roasted peppers, spicy jack cheese and creamy Chipotle sauce.

Ricotta, spinach and crushed garlic.

Feta cheese, olives, sauce and artichokes.

You are missing out big time if you haven’t made your own flat bread pizzas. What is your favorite pizza toppings?

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