Grilled Balsamic Portobello & Provolone Cheese Sandwiches

by jerseygirl on February 22, 2011 · 25 comments

This sandwich was the bomb! The other day I bought some Portobello mushrooms and thought what a perfect match they would be for some sliced provolone cheese I had in the fridge. I sauteed them in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil. They were ready to be paired in a sandwich. I promise you this. If you try this grilled cheese you will never go back to a plain grilled cheese sandwich again!

Grilled Balsamic Portobello and Provolone Cheese Sandwiches

2 to 3 large Portobello mushroom caps, cleaned and sliced
2 TBS balsamic vinegar
1 TBS olive oil
1 tsp garlic salt
8 slices sourdough white or wheat bread
8 slices Provolone cheese
softened butter

Place mushrooms in a medium size bowl. Pour vinegar and oil on them. Sprinkle with salt and toss to coat. In a pan on medium heat, cook mushrooms for about 7 minutes or until slightly wilted. Set aside. Put one slice of cheese on 4 of the slices of bread. Top with mushrooms, then another slice of cheese then remaining bread. Spread a little butter on each side of the sandwiches. Place sandwiches on a non stick grill or pan and cook on medium heat until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown. Makes 4 sandwiches.

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