New York Dairy Tour 2017

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For full disclosure, I was hosted by the American Dairy Northeast to a two day trip to the Finger Lakes. As usual, all opinions are my own. 

Ask me what is the one food I could not live without and I will always tell you cheese. Look in my fridge and you will notice a cheese drawer packed with cheddar, mozzarella, shredded cheese, feta, parmesan and whatever fancy cheese  is on sale that week. I am not the only cheese lover in my house. It’s a family affair!  I think my son has taken some type of sandwich with cheese to lunch almost every day since first grade.

A  few weeks ago I headed to the Finger Lakes region for the NY State Dairy Tour 2017.  It’s was a getaway I will not forget. There was dairy and plenty of cheese involved but also learning, friendship and beautiful sights.

This trip included over a dozen food bloggers, numerous nutritionists and farmers. We stayed at The Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua , NY. It is so pretty in the fall and I couldn’t get enough of the lake view.

Our first day was filled with activities. We visited Yancey’s Fancy Cheese for a tour and then continued to Noblehurst Dairy Farm where we learned about this family owned sustainable farm. For dinner, we were treated to a four course dairy feast at F.L.X Table which was a treat for the eyes as much as the palate.

Yancey’s Fancy Cheese has over 60 years experience in the cheese making industry. I buy their yummy product all the time and was happy to be able to get behind the scenes and see what goes on at their plant.  Of course, we had to be dressed for the occasion.

Photo courtesy of the American Dairy Association NE

I learned that it takes a lot of milk to produce cheese. Ten pounds of milk makes one pound of cheese and the basic other ingredients are salt, starter culture (good bacteria) and enzymes. Yancey’s Fancy Cheese makes 38 flavors of cheese and we were able to try quite a few of them. They started making Limburger cheese following World War I then continued to all the cheeses they have today. In 2004, the company was acquired by a corporation owned by Dietz and Watson and continues to be a leader in the handcrafted specialty cheese industry.

Of course samples were involved also. And if I had to pick a favorite I just couldn’t. I really like too many.

Next we visited Noblehurst Farms to see where all the milk comes from. The weather didn’t cooperate very well however we had our booties, rain ponchos and a wagon to give us a tour. The weather was not stopping anyone from taking a peek at this seven generation multi family farm located in Linwood, NY.

Photo courtesy of American Dairy Association NE

I love that this farm is a leader when it comes to sustainability efforts. They have a food digester and created a “Food Waste Cooperative” which collects waste and scraps from Wegmans Food Markets as well as universities and schools in the community. They are then delivered to the digester at the dairy farm to harvest methane gas to create electricity and liquid fertilizer for crops. This effort provides enough energy to power the whole dairy operation as well as keep 75 tons of food waste out of landfills weekly. How great is that?

After the dairy farm tour, we headed to FLX Table for a wonderful catered dinner. Dairy was used in all four courses. and the setting was beautiful!

That ended day one of this wonderful trip. While I had planned to write only once about this experience, there is just too much to tell. The second day consisted of a cooking competition at the beautiful NY Wine and Culinary Center and involved a gorgeous kitchen and various mac and cheese, dessert, drink and appetizer recipes. So I’ve decided to go into detail more about this wonderful experience next month and share some dairy recipes.

I was also lucky to win the dessert category with my Cannoli Crepe Cake which I also share the recipe in my November post.

Until then, why don’t you learn more about dairy while sipping a latte or chai tea? You can follow the American Dairy Association Northeast on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more awesome happenings, and dairy treats.
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There as also a wealth of information on

Thank you American Dairy Northeast for a wonderful trip!


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