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Thank you to Comcast for sponsoring this post. As usual, all opinions are my own.

Last week I had a great opportunity to attend the Philadelphia Magazine design home tour with 20 other Philadelphia Social Media Moms. While we had a tour of this gorgeous house in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, we also learned about all the latest technology Xfinity has to offer.

I have had Comcast in my home for as long as I can remember. But this tour really opened up my eyes to how I could make my life easier with the services I already have and the features I don’t use often enough. Xfinity X1 has so many and I realized that I need to take advantage of them all.

One of the first things I did when I returned home was impress my teenage son and husband with some sports app knowledge. They are both avid sports fans but have not used the sports app before. If they came to the design home, they would be plopped right on this comfy couch in front of the TV. Now they can use the sports app to check scores and schedules of all of their favorite games including soccer which is usually on 24-7 at our house. They can even check stats on their favorites teams and players.

I love the Xfinity X1 voice remote.  I talk to the TV and the TV listens to me. It’s a fun way to search for my favorite show, movie or DVR recording.  With so many channels, it’s hard to remember them all. But the voice remote allows me to find the show that I want without ever having to memorize channels. And how does Xfinity X1 seem to know what my favorite shows are?  It’s very smart, I tell ya!

Other features allow parents to screen appropriate content for their children and use Kids Zone which is a safe place for kids to independently explore their favorite content. Other apps allow viewers to bring their social media accounts on the big screen, listen to their favorite music and check the weather.

While I don’t have Xfinity Home security, I now have at least 10 reasons why our family should get it. This 24/7 professional security monitoring can be controlled remotely.  If I lived in this design house, I would feel perfectly peaceful when I looked out the bedroom window at the zen garden. Since I do not have a zen garden at my house, I can still have lots of peace of mind knowing my home is very secure.

Live video monitoring allows Xfinity Home customers to see what is going on by text or email when they are away from home. If I had a beautiful well stocked wine cabinet like this one in the design home, I might be a little leary having teenagers in the house when I am not home. But with video monitoring, I could make sure no foreign hands are opening up the wine cabinet. I can also see what my kids are doing if I am away for the day.

Rules can be set up to the system so customers can do things like turn lights off and on when the family is on vacation. Or the cooling system can be turned on right before arriving home. Notifications can be set up if a door is left open. The rule creating is endless and can make things easier on the household in so many ways.

Xfinity Apps are another convenience that Comcast customers have. I have always used them to get my emails and manage my wifi passcodes. Now I was reminded that I could pay my bill, manage appointments  and watch livestream TV on my phone or tablet. Any device can be turned into a smart TV. How cool is that!

Xfinity also just released a new personalized wifi service called Xfi this week. Customers can manage their total home network easily with a digital dashboard. Control over your home technology couldn’t get any easier!

While I love all the home technology, Xfinity Mobile is also coming soon. It is a new wireless service which combines America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network with Comcast’s 16 million WiFi hotspots. In our technology and data driven world, customers will have access to the best networks with a product designed to save them money.

I loved walking through this beautiful design home but the reality is that I will not be living in a house like that. That’s okay though, because I love the home that I’m already in. It might be smaller and the décor is not done by a professional. But it holds the people I love, it’s comfortable and it has my family and I’s personal touches in every room. And I have Comcast Xfinity taking care of all my technology needs.

For more details on all this awesome technology, check out the Comcast Xfinity website  and see what they can do for your home.

Philadelphia Social Media Moms has partnered with Xfinity for an exciting giveaway and you can get in on it.  So who wants to win?  I can’t wait to see what Xfinity will come up with next!

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